About Us

Dr.Geetanjali has completed her 'Bachelor's in Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery' (B.H.M.S). She was a rank holder in her college and throughout her education. She has also completed 'Certificate course in Gynecology & Obstetrics' (C.G.O) from Nowrosjee Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, which is a Post Graduate Institute for Medical Research.
She has Completed one year Diploma in Yoga from Mumbai University. Also Completed a course in Oracle 8i with Developer 2000 and successfully completed a project based on Invoice.

Dr.Geetanjali has been practicing Homoeopathy since last 24 years and has treated a number of acute and chronic cases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, gynecological disorders P.C.O.S., Fibroids, Primary hypertension, Type2 Diabetes, Hair disorders such as hairfall, thinning of hair and skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, acne with Homoeopathy. Presently practicing Homoeopathy at Mulund, Mumbai.

Dr.Geetanjali is the author of book Author of book ‘HEALTH AND HAPPINESS WITH HOMEOPATHY’ The kindle edition of the book is available on Amazon.in . Link HEALTH HAPPINESS HOMEOPATHY Geetanjali Joshi ebook The book is about Homeopathy, Yoga and healthy recipes.

Dr.Geetanjali has participated in almost all seminars and debates in Homoeopathy. Dr.Geetanjali has conducted corporate wellness programme at concessional charges.

Dr.Geetanjali has submitted a research proposal to National Center of Homeopathy U.S.A. on treating hypertensive and Type 2 diabetic patients with Homeopathy, Yoga and diet along with the regular conventional medicines.

She has started a 'CENTER FOR TREATMENT OF LIFESTYLE DISORDERS (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND TYPE 2 DIABETES).The main aim of starting the Center is to enable people to lead a healthy and happy life. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, improper timings of food, unhealthy eating habits and lot of mental stress are some of the reasons for people suffering from life style disorders.

Due to hectic schedule most of the people skip breakfast, do not have balanced diet. The most common answer from majority of people is that they do not have time for exercise. Our mission is to make people aware of healthy living by practicing Yoga and following a healthy diet plan. The main objective of her Center 'SHRI RAGHAVENDRA CLINIC to provide Homeopathic consultation, diet consultation and Yoga as this integrated approach gives wonderful results in patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and other ailments.

Dr.Geetanjali is the founder of SHOBHA YOGA CENTER. Regular Yoga classes and week end Yoga classes are conducted here.

INTERESTS: Interested in reading "BHAGWADGITA" and other spiritual books.
HOBBIES: Oil Painting, Swimming

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