Homeopathy was discovered by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Christian Fredrich Hahnemann in 1796. He was disillusioned by the system of medicine, its side effects and gave up his practice.
He always thought that CURE should take place in a rapid, gentle and permanent way, and health should be restored. The person should feel better mentally and physically and not only just removal of symptoms.
Dr. Hahnemann was working as a medical translator. As he was translating Cullens Materia Medica, he came across a sentence that Cinchona bark cures ague fever( malaria). He decided to experiment and he took a small quantity of Cinchona bark. To his surprise he developed symptoms of malaria like fever. He then tested it on his friends and relatives.
All of them developed symptoms of malaria like fever. Then he gave a very small quantity of Cinchona bark to patients suffering from malaria and found that they were cured of malaria. Thus Homeopathy was born.He continued to experiment it with different medical substances.
It is based on the principle of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRENTUR which means LIKES CURE LIKES. It means that if a substance is capable of producing disease symptoms in a healthy individual , it also has the capacity to cure the disease when given to a sick individual in an infinitesimal small dose.


If Homeopathy is practiced according to principles laid down by Dr. Hahnemann, CURE takes place in a rapid, gentle and permanent way. Some of the basic principles of Homeopathy as described by Dr. Hahnemann are:

  • Disease is deviation from health which is known through signs and symptoms.
  • Disease is disharmonious functioning of the vital force( Life force). Health is harmonious functioning of the vital force leading to a sense of well being. It is the natural tendency of vital force to restore the harmony. This natural tendency in some people is affected by certain hereditary factors leading to chronic relapsing states of ill health, generally difficult to cure. Thus, Hahnemann in his book on 'THE CHRONIC DISEASES' stated that Miasms are responsible for all diseases of a chronic nature. Miasms are created through the use of suppressive medicine or other environmental factors.

    No two individuals are alike. Each and every person is different. In Homeopathy, medicine differs from person to person. If there are two patients having fever, one patient may like to drink small quantity of water at shorter interval, he may have sip by sip water after few minutes, whereas the other person may have one or two glasses of water after one or two hours. Even if both the patients would cover themselves while sleeping, one would like to keep his head and feet uncovered, whereas the other person would keep cover himself from head to toe. Thus, the medicine will differ in both the patients with similar complaints.

    In Homeopathy, complete Cure takes place and the symptoms are not suppressed.

    The fundamental laws of Homeopathy are:

    Law of Similars:

    Homeopathy is based on the principle of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURRENTUR which means LIKE CURES LIKE.
    A substance which is capable of producing symptoms of an illness in an healthy individual also has the capacity to cure the illness when given in an infinitesimal dose (small dose). We find it's reference in ancient Hindu medical texts and also in the writings of Aristotle, Hippocrates, Paracelsus and others.

    Law of minimum dose:

    A smallest dose is necessary to stimulate the life force. The medicinal substances are diluted with water or ethyl alcohol and by the method of succussion( shaking the medicine vigorously and banging on a hard surface ) energy is released. Potency of the medicine is determined, more the dilution, more potent is the medicine.

    Direction of cure:

    Cure takes place from above downwards,From within outward,From more important organ to less important organ,In the reverse order of appearance of a disease.The symptom which is first to appear is the last to disappear.


    In Homeopathy totality of symptoms is considered. After a detail case taking all the symptoms are considered. They are analyzed by a process known as repertorisation and a single remedy( constitutional medicine) is selected and given to the patient.


    Homeopathic medicines are prepared from plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom etc. by a process known as potentization. Drugs are diluted by a method called as succussion or trituration. The dose of the medicine is reduced progressively on centesimal and later on millesimal scale with an inert substance like sugar of milk or alcohol as the diluting medium. This method is known as potentization, as it increases the potency of the drugs to act as remedial agents.

    The process of potentization releases energy which restores the lost balance through the use of similar force.
    Homeopathic medicines are safe as the original substance is present in minimum dose. The original substance is not traceable in Homeopathic medicines after potentization. Cure takes place through the dynamic energy that is liberated during the process of potentization. The energy stimulates the deranged vital force (life force) to come back to normal healthy state.


  • Patient is advised to avoid raw onion, garlic or any strong smelling substance.
  • Avoid drinking coffee . All these substances may act as an antidote to Homeopathic medicines.
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