Consultation Fees

Dr. Geetanjali Joshi makes her expertise available to patients globally. She treats patients especially for the chronic and obstinate disease conditions.
There are two ways to consult Dr. Geetanjali Shrikant Bothe.

  • Consult online
  • Visit clinic with appointment
  • Consult Online:

    The online consultation fees for

    Step 1

    Send an E-mail to confirm that you have agreed to the terms and condition and which Plan you want to avail. You have to make the payment either by sending a Cheque, Demand draft, or through Swift code money transfer.

    Step 2

    Once your payment is honored you will receive a questionnaire from us. You are supposed to fill in details the case history and send it via E-mail, Post, or by courier. If you have any problems while writing the case History you can mail us for more information.

    Step 3

    Once the case is received it will be studied by the consultants at and if some points which are incomplete the patient would have to submit additional details in order to come to the right remedy. If the patient wants to talk with the doctor he /she can do so either by fixing a prior appointment or through net meeting, or telephonic conversation.

    Step 4

    The medicine will be delivered to you anywhere in the world as per the rules and regulation of the country of your residence .The patient can acknowledge when they receive the medicines by sending an e-mail. Additional charges for the courier/shipping services will be levied. The courier charges may change with the weight of the medicines and the country where the medicine has to be sent.

  • Draft / Cheque should be sent in the name of Dr. Geetanjali Shrikant Bothe
  • Consultation fees & Medicines Treatment Plans

    For Patients in India

    Plan 1 One Time Consulation Rs.2000/-
    Plan 2 6 Months Rs.12000/-
    Plan 3 12 Months Rs.22000/-

    One Homeopathic consultation in India Rs.2000 which includes detail case taking for 45 minutes and medicines for one week.

    For Patients in US

    Plan 1 4 Months USD 250
    Plan 2 8 Months USD 500
    Plan 3 12 Months USD 700

    For Patients in European Union

    Plan 1 4 Months EUR 200
    Plan 2 8 Months EUR 300
    Plan 3 12 Months EUR 400

    Note: Minor variation in fees may be possible due to US $, �, IRS fluctuation.

    For some ailments it is required to take Homeopathic treatment for a longer period. The following are the yearly treatment plans for patients suffering from hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, hair disorders and weight loss.

    Specialized Treatment For patients in INDIA

    Specialized Treatment for hypertension and Type 2 diabetes For one year inclusive of Homeopathic medicines Rs.30000/-
    Specialized Treatment for weight loss For one year inclusive of Homeopathic medicines Rs.30000/-
    Specialized Treatment for hair loss For one year inclusive of Homeopathic medicines Rs.30000/-
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