Case 1

A senior executive in a company handling thousands of employees was detected with Type 2 diabetes 8 years ago. He came to me with the reports. I advised him to start Homeopathic treatment. But however the patient did not have much faith in Homeopathy. His wife and son were my patients. He started allopathic hypoglycemic drugs. Although he was taking hypoglycemic drugs his blood sugar levels were high. He suffered from Ischemic heart disease (M.I.)when he was on a tour. He was admitted and angioplasty was done, stent was inserted. Again within 2 years he suffered from second attack. His doctor told him we have done our best, anything can happen, we can't give you any guarantee. His blood sugar levels were high. The patient felt very low. He had spent lakhs of rupees.

He was referred to me by my patients. A detail case taking was done. He told me I have spent lakhs of rupees and doctor has told me anything can happen anytime. I am scared.

After case taking I prescribed constitutional medicine along with Bryonia for pain as he had frozen shoulder. His wife reported that after taking Homeopathic medicines he has become more positive, he is not scared of his health issues anymore and he is very fresh and has become very strong mentally. He goes for walk regularly.

In second consultation I advised him about diet. His wife took keen interest in giving him balanced diet.

After few months I advised him about Yoga, meditation.

There was lot of improvement . There was good control over diabetes. Now he takes homeopathic medicines regularly, has balanced diet, does exercises and Yoga meditation regularly.

Before starting Homeopathic treatment:

  • Blood sugar Levels
  • Fasting: 260 mg/dl, Urine sugar: Present Trace
    P.P.: 371 mg/dl, Urine sugar: Present Trace
  • Ketones: Absent
  • After starting Homeopathic treatment
  • Fasting: 137 mg/dl, Urine sugar: absent
  • P.P.: 115 mg/dl, Urine sugar: Absent, Ketones: absent
  • Learning From The Case:

    Patient suffering from backache, frozen shoulder, spondylosis homeopathic medicine minimizez the use of pain killers.Pain killers if taken for a long duration may cause renal failure patient does not realize the side effect of pain killers as he is in pain and just wants to get get rid of his pain.If this patient would have taken pain killers it would have aggravated his condition due to side effects of pain killers.

    Case 2

    A 55 year old patient was detected with borderline diabetes on routine investigations. He was working in shifts that led to irregular eating habits , irregular sleeping patterns, one day he would go for night duty ,next day he would go in the afternoon. There was no fixed timing of meals and sleep.

    And lot of mental stress in family. A detail case taking was done and he was advised by me to make changes in his diet, perform Yoga regularly and sleep for minimum 7-8 hours. He was on homeopathic medicines for one year. His blood sugar levels are normal. He is leading a healthy life although he is diabetic.

    Type 2 Diabetes can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicines if homeopathic medicines are started as soon as it is diagnosed.

    Case 3

    A 53 year old lady working as a Manager suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension. She was taking allopathic medicines regularly for hypertension and diabetes. Her B.P. was normal but blood sugar levels were high.

    Whenever I advised her about exercise she would come and tell me Doctor I have no time for exercise. She never liked contradiction in whatever she said.

    Dietary advise : She felt whatever she was eating was right. I had to give examples and motivate her to follow a balanced diet and exercise. She had lot of stress in family and also in office.

    With regular homeopathic medicines, diet and exercise her blood sugar is under control. She is very regular with her homeopathic medicines.

  • Blood sugar Reports
  • Fasting : 248 mg/dl
  • P.P. : 324 mg/dl
  • After starting homeopathic treatment
  • Fasting : 106 mg/dl
  • P.P. : 190 mg/dl
  • After few months

  • Fasting :74 mg/dl
  • P.P. 120mg/dl

  • Case 4

    A young girl aged 14 years came to me with a number of white patches on her face and entire body. She was referred to me by my friend. The white patches on her face embarrassed the girl as well as her family members. She was treated with conventional treatment (allopathy) . She had used a number of creams and lotions . Initially it was less but later it had spread on her entire body.

    She had come to me with her father. People would ask whether his daughter was suffering from leprosy, vitiligo or any major skin disease. A detail case taking was done. I advised her to stop using creams and lotions. The history revealed that she was not good in her studies. Failed a number of times in her S.S.Cexam. She was depressed because of her failure in exams. Her mother would also trouble her and ask her to do all household work which the patient did not like. Mother was working as a teacher with a kindergarten school. Because of her skin eruptions she was very much upset and parents would also hesitate to take her along to any function due to her eruptions.

    During her follow up I would talk with her for 15 -20 minutes and she would tell all her ups and downs giving vent to frustration that was building up.

    There was liking for salt, headache in Sun, Weeping tendency, would cry alone, Consolation aggravates, c/ o acidity sometimes, Based on her symptom similarity Natrum Mur 200 was given.

    Next visit itching was less, patient was comfortable. She would visit me regularly and tell me everything. I advised her not to give up her studies and told her that your skin symptoms will be better. She was good in doing embroidery on clothes and applying mehendi . I appreciated her work and her creativity. She joined mehendi classes which helped her to relax her mind. Fights in the house continued but now she was able to face them. It took nearly one year to get her cured. Her old symptoms of acidity reappeared. They were treated with Homeopathy. All her white patches disappeared. She had a glowing complexion, so much that people started asking her how did this happen. She referred me many patients. She passed her S.S.C. Exam. She touched my feet and said Thank You with tears of joy in her eyes.

    She got married . She continued my treatment for her acute complaints as well. She was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby. She started Homeopathic medicines for her baby also for minor complaints of cough cold.

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