Through online consultation will make Homeopathic treatment available for people all over the world and bring back hope, health and happiness to people who say 'There is no 'CURE'. CURE is possible in most of the cases.

For Homeopathic treatment a lot of information is essential with regards to your complaints, your sufferings, your nature etc. You are therefore requested to provide all the information without keeping back anything as irrelevant or unimportant. We assure you that all your information is confidential. You can send it by e-mail, courier or by post.

Based on your information we will study your case in detail and then start your treatment. By using computerized method of repertorisation (analysis of symptoms and finding out the remedy) we study your case in detail and you will receive your medicines by courier anywhere in the world as per the guidelines of the country. We request you to co-operate with us fully for CURE to take place.



* Kindly reply to questionnaire in history form on a notepad and email to


Write all your complaints starting from which complaint is more troublesome for you. Since how many months or years you are suffering. Mention the treatments you have taken and the response to the treatments.

  • Include the Location i.e. the area affected
  • Sensation e.g. burning sensation
  • Modalities Conditions that increase your trouble- For e.g. Joint pains worse in cold weather etc.
  • Conditions under which you feel better For e.g. Joint pains better after taking rest
  • Other complaints associated with the main complaint.

  • PAST HISTORY - History of any illnesses in the past. For e.g. typhoid, jaundice, malaria etc.
  • FAMILY HISTORY Any major illness in the family. Give details regarding the health of your parents, brothers and sisters. Give details regarding the health of your wife and children. Also include the cause of death of those family members who have died.

  • Diet
  • Appetite
  • Thirst State the quantity of water consumed and intervals.For e.g. small quantity of water at shorter intervals or large quantity of water at larger intervals. i. e. sip by sip water after few minutes or one glass after 1-2 hours. Thirst varies from individual to individual.
  • Micturation- Frequency e.g. 2-3 times in aday.1-2 times at night.
  • Bowels - whether normal or constipated
  • Sleep and dreams
  • Desires and Aversions- Mention whether you have a liking for sweets or spicy, any cravings, etc. Also mention what you dislike in eating.
  • Menstrual and Obstetrics history in case of females should be mentioned. Also mention any mental stress during pregnancy.
  • Thermals Mention which climate you like the most, whether summer , winter or rainy season.
  • Any problem you face while going out in the sun? For e.g. rash or headache when you go out in the sun etc.
  • Bath Mention whether you take warm water bath or cold water bath.
  • Fan and A.C. Are you comfortable using fan or A. C.
  • Whether you cover yourself while sleeping ? Do you cover your feet or keep them uncovered ?
  • Give a physical description of yourself.

  • Describe your nature.
  • Whether you are short tempered or do not get angry easily.
  • What you do when you are angry?
  • Do you ever feel like throwing things?
  • Describe your emotions and dreams.
  • Were you able to realize your dreams and aspirations?
  • Your satisfaction in studies.
  • Write about your school life. Whether you were very good in your studies or an average student . Also mention your interest in sports. Mention your hobbies and interests. Write whether you were reserved in school , whether you had many friends or few selected friends.
  • Write about your college life. Also mention affairs, if any.
  • Write regarding your present occupation. Write about your job satisfaction and responsibilities. Mention about your day to day stress.
  • Description of your family. Give details of all the members of your family, their ages , their work. Relationship with all your family members, any differences of opinion, your responsibilities towards them. Mention major ups and downs in your life.
  • ENCLOSURES Enclose copies of reports of investigations done.
  • X ray plates, Electrocardiograms, etc.
  • Opinion about your state of health from your physician.
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